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Renowned Homeopathy Doctor In Madurai

The greatest wealth in the world is health. Knowingly or unknowingly, nowadays, people try to earn money – wealth – day and night by spoiling their health. Later, they spend the money earned, the wealth, for retrieval of health but they may not succeed completely or satisfactorily.
Living comfortably or living better or living longer all depends on the state of our health, habits and our maintaining procedures. Tortoise naturally lives longer due to its slow and gentle breathing. A sportsperson lives longer with his/her reduced (but stronger) pulse and heart rate. Women live longer due to their lachrymose-ness. Villagers live longer due to their healthy food and pollution-free healthy environment.
In this modern era, in spite of all the pollution and contamination, the death rate has fallen and average human life is also increasing with our modern medical advancement. But no one can claim that the quality of life has increased due to our habits and foods. People have started to maintain their health with medicines and live with its side-effects.

About disease – Disease is a deranged state of health (either in body or mind). Other than natural diseases, we also create many artificial diseases with drugs. If one takes pain-killer for headache or body pain, it may cause ulceration of the stomach; likewise, if one takes treatment for sleeplessness or fits or allergy, dullness or lack of concentration will come as dividend. And also fear kills more than the disease itself.
About treatment – God designed our body with natural healing too. The only thing is we have to wait and cooperate with our body with rest and care. One can re-discover health and happiness if one takes care of one’s complaints with patience. But in this hurried world, without having any patience and also to outweigh all risk factors, one approaches the doctors with a lot of hope, expecting instant and miraculous cure.
Every disease has its own cure or management. There are many systems of treatment with their own advantage and disadvantage and limits. Cure is more important than the system or doctor. Nowadays, treatment is linked more to insurance and medical claims. These links can pay only the bills for treatment. But, no one will take over the pain of suffering or mental agony caused. Finally, realising “prevention is better than cure”, one must go for master health check-up every year. One must be thankful for the first symptom of the disease or abnormal investigation, since it betrays the complaint and sets the alarm bell ringing in us to act in the beginning of the disease itself.

The real healing secrets are
  • Don’t self-medicate, since even doctors will not try self medication.
  • Avoid drug cocktails, like adding a pill for each complaint or symptom/mixing a variety of medicines from a variety of doctors.
  • Take the right medicines in the right dosage from the right doctor.
Don’t try self-medication – No one should take probability or chances in curing a disease. To cure diseases, one should have knowledge of the disease, drug, and applicable knowledge of drugs on diseases. These must go hand-in-hand for sure success. Disease knowledge includes study of symptoms and diagnosing the patient with clinical findings and investigations. Drug knowledge includes study of drugs. Applicable knowledge of drugs on diseases or persons comes only with experience which cannot be taught. So an experienced, qualified doctor is absolutely necessary to treat a disease. A doctor can only outweigh all the risks of diseases.
Avoid drug cocktails – Going for multiple drugs either with self-knowledge or with multiple doctors will usually be harmful. Some people consult different doctors for different complaints and they won’t reveal one to another. They would think this might be none of his business and simply ignore it. This attitude finally traps them with lots of complications and drug diseases. They need to tell everything to the doctor to avoid drug interactions. Also, these multiple drugs, instead of giving cure, will often cause more derangements and complicate the disease more, making cure impossible.

About doctor

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 From olden days, doctors are treated next to God and sometimes as life-saving God himself. A doctor can track the disease without any complication and also speed up cure. One should be aware that doctor treats us with the help of symptom presentation in diseases and investigations only. All other things are in the hands of Nature/God: Doctor treats, God cures.
A doctor’s duty is restoring the health from the disease state and preserving it from further recurrences. A doctor has to calm the mind of the patient with his words, his medicines and with his care. But in this world in a hurry, doctors are also busy with a lot of patients who are rushed, and they often just listen to the narrated complaints of the patients and prescribe medicines accordingly without much interrogation, since the patients also do not reveal much. Only with family physician many patients used to reveal their problems, cry with emotions, and leave the place with peace of mind after the doctor’s counseling and reassurances. The doctor’s reassurance usually initiates cure. That is why many a time even a specialist cannot replace one’s family physician who reassures in a better way. Having more faith and reliability in the family physician, one usually gets rid of complaints quickly and more easily when talking to one’s family physician. This proves the saying: “Finally, it is faith that cures”.
A good result i.e., cure, usually depends on:
  • Accurate diagnosis of the doctor
  • Reassurance of the doctor
  • Selection of the apt drug
  • Dosage of the selected drug
  • Acceptance of the drug by the body (i.e. allergy/sensitivity should not be there)
  • Action of the drug – since it varies from person to person.
  • Early start-up of the treatment
  • Cooperation of the sufferer in following doctor’s advice and with follow-up.
Manyatimes, doctors are questioned about the reason for the suffering. The doctor needs to answer even though today’s advanced science has not answered many questions with regard to causes. I.e., if you suspect bacteria as the culprit for a particular disease, why doesn’t everyone get affected in spite of taking the same water, food or living in the same environment. Also, on many occasions, the causative factor could not be found. For example, cancer, auto immune disorders, etc. Even in such cases, doctors are compelled to assure cure, even though it may or may not be in their hands altogether. Doctors can promise cure only if they find the cause, find proper treatment and so on, combined with a lot of experience. In incurable diseases, doctors can guide the patients to manage the situation for better living.
In general, doctors play the role of a comrade, counsellor, consoler, convener, Columbus, in finding the root cause of the disease, and finally as a ‘healer’. He has to help his patients all the way. Betterment will be at the doorstep of the people if they cooperate with the doctor and follow his advice.
How can patients help doctors help them?
A doctor’s profession is highly respected. It is not the money, the fee that connects a doctor and a patient. Actually, it is much more. Even though the medical profession seems to be commercialised now and is run as a business, it is a dedicated, noble, salutary profession which is always respected with eternal gratitude. The dignity of the profession serving humanity beyond the limits of religion, race, nationality and social factors is usually treasured forever.
A doctor needs qualification, skill, experience, medicines and other facilities to cure one but it can be complete in no way without the patient’s cooperation. A doctor needs to care for the physical as well as the person’s mental symptoms to cure completely.
Cure and comfort feeling (well-being sensation) can be felt only by the patient and cannot be examined or diagnosed by a doctor or lab findings. So, patients should explain in a proper way their complaint to the doctor to work out a healthier tomorrow. They must also be aware that the “best of all the medicines” is rest, sleep, water and diet. Without this, in no way will treatment be helpful.
Helping Doctor – i.e. helping in finding the cause of the disease, diagnosing, prognosis, assessing and achieving the treatment plan, analysing the process and progress, etc. will help one get rid of their suffering safely, quickly and easily. So help the doctor to help you to restore and rejuvenate your life and joy.
The following points should be considered for helping doctor to help you:
  • Caring equals curing – Care should be taken for each and every presentation of complaint. Complaints usually tend to prolong and get complicated if they are not show adequate care.
  • Don’t complicate the disease by self medication –Consult a doctor foryou’re your complaints. Don’t take or add any medicine, even supplements, without the knowledge of the doctor, since it may cause interactions or side-effects which endanger life sometimes.
  • Start treatment as early as possible to get cured completely & easily – It is better to start treatment at the earliest, so that the disease will not go deep or won’t get complicated. Patients should be aware that treating in the initial period always helps easy cure.
When you meet the doctor –
  • Go with appointment to get time to discuss your entire problem
  • Go with your entire case history and all reports
  • Don’t be anxious or tensed or hurried – Rule out all the fears – Be relaxed (BP can rise and give false projection during examination and lead to false diagnosis)
  • Prepare yourself a note of all the symptoms so that nothing will be missed out during the discussion
  • Speak and listen well
  • Inform the main problem first and then explain in detail everything from the beginning
  • Narrate your complaints as they are – Don’t state your own diagnosis with your expert (?) knowledge guided by the media, since your words can also misguide the doctor’s diagnosis. Be aware that diagnosis of the doctor totally depends on your words or narration (of course, investigation too, but it comes later). It is better to go to the doctor with your spouse or mother, since their words can also help in the diagnosis.
  • Inform everything about yourself, i.e. your nature, your job, your tensions, your diet, your habits (smoking, drinking, drugs, etc), your exercise (sometimes strained exercise can also be a cause of complaint), your allergic tendencies, your other sufferings, various treatments and medications you had, your family/sibling’s sufferings, etc. Also inform any changes in appetite, thirst, urine, stool, sleep, menses, etc.
  • Don’t hide anything from your doctor because fooling your doctor is like fooling yourself. People usually hide their private part complaints since they won’t wish to get examined. Mostly this will create an embarrassing situation later with more suffering.
  • Don’t hide your habits too (smoking, drinking, drugs, etc). No one should feel ashamed to reveal everything to the doctor.
  • Don’t split your body into parts and don’t wish to go for treatment for the parts with experts. Be aware that two complaints may be interconnected or interrelated and need to be treated as a whole. For example – scabies is a skin disorder where you can note the skin eruptions and boils in the web of fingers. If you delay the treatment or get maltreatment, then it goes inwards to attack the kidney where you can note puffiness of face and body. Here you should not treat this skin eruptions and kidney involvement separately, but as a whole for scabies.
While investigating the disease
  • Do all the investigations as recommended by the doctor
  • Don’t postpone or neglect the investigations
  • The tests should be done in quality lab as required and as prescribed i.e. in fasting, after food, early morning, during fever (for malaria), etc. since treatment plan depends on the report
While getting prescribed
  • Don’t tell complaints one by one or one after another, after getting the prescription or ask for separate prescription or additional medicines for additional complaints.
After getting prescribed
  • Follow each and every advice of your physician
  • Stop smoking, drinking and doing drugs – surely this will help
  • Take prescribed medicines as prescribed by the physician – you should not alter (increase or decrease) the dosage Finish the course of medication as prescribed by the physician – you should not stop medications half-way since it might make all your efforts go in vain. Also be aware that unless you complete the course, the disease will recur. For easy understanding, you can compare this with riding or racing a car (man) in a hill against the gravitational force (disease force) to the surface (cure state). When there is enough speed (effective treatment) with good control (following advice) it will climb up soon. If you happen to stop in the middle (leaving treatment half-way) or even near the end point without proper finish, it will surely let you down to the bottom (disease stage) again. So follow-up and continuous treatment till you get better altogether is as important as starting effective treatment.
After finishing the course or during follow-up
  • Review appropriately at stipulated time
  • Don’t keep on continuing with the same drugs without follow-up and getting further advice. This will often cause drug induced complications.
    Inform your inference correctly after taking medicines and as it is so that doctor can guide/help you accordingly for further course of medicines, if required.
  • Don’t wish to please the doctor by informing partial or slight improvement where actually there is no improvement at all
  • Don’t neglect the suffering by getting accustomed to it – since it will lead to complications later on
  • Don’t hide the improvement for getting more powerful drugs
  • Don’t exaggerate the complaints – don’t blow it out of proportion
  • Don’t pose as if in a bad condition to draw more attention – since it will often misguide the doctor and lead you to different type of treatment rather than for the real complaint
Out of all, patient needs patience – Nowadays people are in a hurry and restless with suffering. If they are not satisfied with the result of that day’s medicines, they switch over to highly qualified and specialist doctors for proper diagnosis. This attitude will often misguide the patient to adopt wrong treatment. Patients should be aware that each disease takes its own time to show its face. For ex – typhoid takes 5 days to show its presence in blood test, malaria can be diagnosed only with its regularity in recurrence and testing while having fever. Likewise, each and every disease has its own period with all its symptoms. So, one has to wait for the disease to set in.
Second opinion or expert opinion – It is better to go to a physician first and then to a surgeon with referral, if required. Physician – your doctor will surely refer to the right specialist or seek right information when required, if he suspects something serious. The patient has the right to go for second opinion or specialist opinion. Definitely, this will provide a different platform for diagnosing the complaint from a different angle. Even while going for second opinion, narrate your actual complaints and not your diagnosis (of your own or of the primary doctor’s) since it may prejudice the second doctor. Anyway, finally analyse every diagnosis with the primary doctor, instead of simply adding medicines from the second one.
If one cooperates with the doctor in all ways as mentioned above, the doctor will in no way ever let you down and will also help make a healthier tomorrow for you.
Homeopathic Medicines should be taken under the advice and diagnosis of a qualified Homeopath.

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