How Homeopathy & Allopathy differs

Difference Between Homeopathy & Allopathy 

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Can Homeopathy and Allopathy be availed together?

Whether Homeopathy and Allopathy interact to cause complications?

As World Health Organisation wishes, every human being in this planet regardless of race, gender or status should remain in the reach of all system of medicines and should be allowed to choose according to his interest with awareness of all the benefits and side effects of available system of medicines. As every one knows, each and every system of medicine has at the least some good things to benefit the patients. Sufferer needs to utilize them. Yet that dream remains out of reach for vast numbers of suffering humanity. It’s high time to fix it. To inform, to inspire and to ignite, this article can help.
Everything in this world is open to dispute being Man as a Reasoning Animal. Pharmaceutical companies, Medical journals and Doctors associations often ignite war between Allopathy and Homeopathy. In spite of all criticism and comments, Homeopathy stands more than two centuries and had showed its Stability, Success rate and Pride. Its popularity comes with its efficient cure and nil side effects. Culture is the habit of being pleased with the best and knowing why. Here every one should aware that those triggering agents are all interested in their betterment and not in patient’s well being. Finally losers are sufferers the patients, i.e., with the fear to try another system of medicine, they may happen to suffer for life time.

All the medicines (whatever may be the system) cannot satisfy all the patients – some will provide cure, some will provide just relief for time being, some may provide miraculous betterment but side effects may be horrible, some may provide very less improvement in spite of proper approach and treatment, etc. Likewise sometimes, despite the best efforts of researchers, doctors, patient cooperation, some disease seems to be complex and remain difficult to treat. Every one should keep in mind that in difficult times, Team work always works. Likewise, Homeopathy and Allopathy, should not remain like water and oil to repel each other, but should be like petrol and oil to fuel the curing process to ease the condition of the suffering humanity without any conflicts.

For acute management, one would have started emergency care with Allopathy. They can also come to Homeopathy by anytime for total comfort or cure, likewise one would have started taking treatment with Homeopathy for his chronic complaints and he might face emergency condition in any of the time. In that time, he can opt for Allopathy immediately at that crucial period for life saving and comfort. For example, in case of dehydration, one can opt emergency care with IV drips and in case of severe migraine, one may go for painkillers for intolerable pain temporarily and can come to homeopathy for total cure. Anyhow, one should aware that depending on painkillers and steroids bring habit of dependency to those drugs most of the time.
Everyone has the right to expect / claim 100% comfort or cure. I.e., if Allopathy provides only 60% improvement, one can claim the balance with other system of medicine like Homeopathy or Ayurveda. Likewise if one feels Homeopathy provided only 70% improvement, he can also opt for Allopathy or other system of medicine for the residual complaints or life threatening complaint(s). Here one’s aim should be only on the total comfort and to rule out complication and side effects.
Cure and comfort feeling (well-being sensation) can be felt only by the patient and cannot be examined or diagnosed by a doctor or lab findings. Most of the time, Allopathy ignores patients feelings and just rely with lab reports. If lab report could not detect any abnormality, it is helpless. In those cases, Homeopathy can surely help since it gives importance to patient symptoms than to disease symptoms. Patient feelings should always be respected. Also many a times, in chronic complaints, patient may be compelled to depend on medicines and made to live with its side effects also. Here again, it is worth to give a try with Alternative system of medicines to get betterment without side effects or at the least to reduce the side effects.
Other than natural diseases, our treatment approaches can also sometimes create many artificial diseases with (multiple) drugs. Now-a-days drug disease is one of the major complications in the treatment – it not only complicates the disease but also makes patient sicker and sometimes, convert the disease as “Incurable” one. For example, if one takes pain-killers for headache or body pain, it may cause ulceration of the stomach which in turn would not allow one to go for painkillers again for any pain relief, likewise, if one takes treatment for sleeplessness or fits or allergy, dullness or lack of concentration will come as dividend. Further, some patients may be oversensitive to some drugs – In all these cases, it is better to go for other system of medicines.
For chronic and difficult cases, other system of medicines can also be allowed to continue while one opts for Homeopathic medicines (with half an hour gap between two medications) – since Homeopathic medicines act in the sensory nerve-endings of tongue and most of the other systems of medicine act through blood, there won’t be any interaction or side effects. Likewise in pregnancy, if there arises any complaint, people usually will hesitate to take any medicines since it may contaminate blood and thus the womb – but it is not so with Homeopathy. So during pregnancy period also, homeopathy medicines can be taken with out any adverse reactions or effect on womb.
Also, in many conditions, one cannot take immediate diversion from the path of existing treatment plan – for example in insulin dependent diabetes, after prolonged course of thyroxine for thyroid dysfunctions, after prolonged course of anti hypertensive and cardiac drugs, after prolonged course of steroids for autoimmune disorders, etc. In this regular treatment also, complications & side effects or adverse reactions may be sometimes inevitable – for example diabetic neuropathy (burning feet) in diabetes, hot flushing in the treatment of thyroid dysfunction, bloating of face in steroidal treatment, etc. Here adding Homeopathy treatment in addition to existing plan of treatment can help patients to reduce the dose, sufferings and complications.
Further in some cases, withdrawal of dependent drugs can cause serious side effects. So, in those cases, dependent drugs steroids / pain killers should not be stopped abruptly and tapering of doses should be done slowly with proper treatment and care. For example, in Allopathy, for Asthma or allergic patients they won’t claim for any cure but go just for maintenance. But in such cases, Homeopathy treatment can reduce bout of attacks and intensity of attacks. Also, in course of time, there are chances to get cured completely. Further this is not out of place to inform everyone that childhood asthma will have very good response with Homeopathy. Likewise, in uncontrolled or erratic diabetes or hypertension, adding Homeopathic treatment can bring readings to desirable levels. Homeopathy is not against surgery, if that is the case. But it can be avoided in many cases like piles, uterine masses, breast tumours, pleurisy, gallstones, kidney stones, etc, if it is properly diagnosed and treated before complications arise. So suffering humanity should aware that it is worth to give a try with other system of medicine also.
Finally, treatment is not a religion to follow one like Hinduism or Islam or Christianity. It had been evolved in different parts of the world with the advancement of science for the betterment of the suffering humanity – so best treatment should be provided to the patient with main motto “COMFORT”.
In gist,
  • Homeopathy medicines can be taken simultaneously / side by side with other system of medicines also.
  • In chronic complaints, taking Homeopathy medicines can improve immunity to prevent recurrent illnesses to maintain good health.
  • Homeopathy treatment can also improve overall health (physical and mental health) by treating general symptoms – appetite, thirst, sweat, urine, stool, sleep, menses, etc.
  • In case of drug dependency (in insulin dependent cases, thyroid dysfunctions, steroidal treatment, inhalers for asthma, etc) Homeopathy can help in reducing the doses and frequency of medicine administration
  • As Homeopathy uses minute medicine doses they could not interact with other medicines or cause any side effects.                                                                                                                                                                                           
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