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EYES Tears
Pearls of the eye

Everyone thinks that tears are the language of the fearful person, and it comes only when you cry. But, actually, it is not so. Tear is a very essential watery fluid for our eyes. It washes, nourishes and protects our eyes for its proper vision. Even though the eye seems to be dry, tear fluid in normal flow constantly mop it to maintain its moisture. But when tears overflow, it gets/needs attention.
Nowadays our eyes face lots and lots of problems with our living style (reading books, working on the computer, watching TV for a long time, high beam car headlights, etc.) pollutants (dusts, smoke, chemicals, soaps, shampoos, chemical fumes, etc.) and sometimes with contact lens too. Unless otherwise one has a proper amount of tears and it functions, the eye will get dry and tear down soon.
Some would say,
  • Tears are the silent language of grief
  • Tears are the safety valve for the heart, when it is about to burst with overwhelming sorrow or joy
Some other would say,
  • Tears are the most powerful weapon, often used by women
  • Women are rewarded after tears
  • Tears make women live longer by making them light hearted

Likewise, there are many ideas about tears, but actually,

  • Tears are meant for washing the eyes (and also sorrows)
  • Tears are meant for maintaining moisture of the eye with continuous washing / wiping
  • Tears are meant for providing lubrication for free eye movement against the lids without any friction
  • Tears are meant for preventing bacterial infection with its enzyme (lysozyme)

Without tears,
  • Eye cannot be washed of dust / irritants / pollutants
  • Eye will become dry soon and get mutilated
  • Lids will get stuck with eyes and lids will not be able to close / move freely to protect eye
  • Bacterial infections occur often to cause recurrent conjunctivitis
CIRCUMSTANCE WHERE TEARS OVERFLOW – Eye is a complex sensitive structure which is less understood even with medical advancement. Tears can stream more either naturally as a reflex from irritants or through induction from infection or disease (pathological) or sometimes, also from emotions.
Natural or physiological – As a protective mechanism, when any irritant, heavy wind, smoke, dust, etc., is blown to / through eyes, tears stream down more to wash away the irritants, foreign substances or to avoid dryness. This is a reflex mechanism i.e. eye need not get permission from brain to do this. Onion tears in cooks are good example for this type of tears. Same thing can happen due to sensitiveness to bright light. It can also occur during sneezing or with extreme excitement of laughter where facial muscles get tightened to compress the lachrymal gland.

 – Violent cough, wheezing, nasal block, nasal allergy (allergic rhinitis – allergic sneezing), nasal or eye infection / inflammation, nervous disorders (bel’s palsy) etc., can cause flow of tears over the cheeks.

 – Sobbing, crying, joy, etc. Burning / boiling heart can be visualised through tears with redness of the eye.

 – Colourless like water

NATURE OF TEARS – Tears mainly consist of watery secretion of lachrymal gland. They also contain oil and mucous secreted from small mucous glands present at the edges of eye lids. These three substances form a triple coat layer (the inner mucus coat, middle water coat and outer oil coat) on eye to prevent dryness and easy evaporation of secretions.
COMPOSITION OF TEARS – Tears’ pH is slightly alkaline, i.e. sour in taste. They contain water, mucous, sodium, potassium, manganese, enzyme lysozyme, glucose, lipids, etc. Research scholars can make difference between emotional tears and irritant induced tears with protein concentration and manganese concentration.

Lachrymal glands located on either side of the eyes just above the outer angle (canthus) secretes tears. Usually blinking spreads tears / moisture evenly over the eye as in mopping. From the secreting place, it flows / crosses the cornea due to blinking (the process of wiping by the eyelids) to reach the inner canthus to enter the punctum (opening of duct) or lachrymal duct to reach the nose on either side. Further, tears have been used for humidification of our breathing air to avoid drying up of lungs.
Tears usually roll down through the inner canthus, according to the position of the eye, movement of eyes and gravitational force but when air blows directly in the face, tears will moved to outer canthus by the force of air to roll away / out. Likewise, when there is any obstruction or inflammation in the punctum or lachrymal ducts, tears stream out to roll on… roll on… over the cheeks.
EYE CARE FOR PREVENTING DRYNESS, INFECTION & TEARS OVERFLOW – For proper vision, eye care is very essential. Naturally, the eyelashes and eyelids usually prevent the entry of dust and from injuries.
Eyes’ moisture needs to be maintained throughout the day / life. Tears provide it. In addition, we should follow:
  • Always keep eyes clean
  • Wash eyes with cool water every morning and after every eye strain
  • Wear cooling glasses in bright sunlight and while driving motorcycle
  • Sleep at least 6 hours per day
  • Treat cold, nasal allergy / complaints accordingly and immediately
  • Chemical fumes, smoke
  • Using strong soaps on the face
  • Using strong shampoos for the hair
  • Direct air / wind flow into eye
  • Touching or squeezing eyes with hand
Problems in tearing – Either overflow or decreased secretion disturbs one’s comfortable / clear vision. Usually, dryness causes more problem than overflow.
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