Styes and chalazion treatment and remedies

Styes and chalazion - Pimple of the eyelids

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EYES Styes and chalazion
Eye is an incomparable device responsible for vision or sight. Eyelids are the windshields or the gateway of the eye that works superbly in protecting, moistening and cleaning with the tear – the natural antiseptic lotion for guarding the eye against bacteria. Eyelids wipe the eye involuntarily with tears during blinking normally, around 4-6 times per minute. The eyelids are made up of skin, loose connective tissues, muscular tissues, tarsus (dense fibrous layer), fascia and conjunctiva. As like normal skin, eyelids do have sweat glands and hair roots. There are three types of glands present in the eyelids. Sweat glands present at the margin of eyelids are unusually large and called Glands of Moll. Sebaceous glands in hair root follicles are called as glands of Zei’s. Sebaceous glands in deeper layer tarsus are called as meibomian glands. Glands of Moll and Zei’s are superficial, so they are easily prone to infection and blockage of duct with cell debris and oil or sebum. The blockage duct makes swelling of the glands which are called as styes.
Styes are acute infection with staphylococcus infection causing obstruction of hair follicles of eyelids which usually end up in suppuration. Comparing these glands, meibomian gland is somewhat deeper and cyst formation in that gland is called meibomian cyst or chalazion. Chalazion is a non-infectious swelling occurring in the meibomian gland and present as painless nodule in the eyelids. Styes and chalazions may be associated with the inflammation of eyelids with redness, swelling and formation of scales and crusts (blepharitis).
Styes and chalazions occur mostly in adolescents of fair complexion with refractive errors. Their incidence is also more in people who use cosmetics on the eyelashes. Also, it is more common in people who suffer from pimples. Men are predominantly affected more than women. The reason for their incidence in men, adolescents and people who are fair is understood less.
Causes – are also still obscure. Anyway, microbiology claims that styes are caused by staphylococcal bacteria and staphylococcus bacteria have been identified in all cases of styes, the same bacteria have been found in normal people too without infection. So the reason is obscure. In case of chalazion, the bacteria cannot be identified but it occurs with the reason being obscure.
Symptoms of both styes and chalazion never damage the eye.

For styes
  • Red painful odematous swelling occurs on the edge of the eyelid
  • Usually it lasts for 1-2 weeks
  • Usually it is present as a small one and grows gradually and becomes hard and finally ends as pustule. White or yellow point head appears and evacuates everything and gets healed
  • Pus points appear mostly on the outer side of the eyelid and along the edge of the eyelid
  • Watery eyes due to irritation of the swelling
  • Glaring of lights and blurred vision
  • For chalazion
  • Chalazion appears as a small eruption usually away from the eyelid margin
  • It grows slowly to a size of 6-7 mm and takes months to get resolved
  • Initially there may be pain, but later there won’t be any pain since there is no infection.
  • Its projection is mostly on conjunctiva side or inner side of eyelid.
  • Glaring of lights and blurred vision
  • Watery eyes due to irritation of the swelling
Effects – Mostly styes go off in 1-2 weeks but chalazion may be present for 1-2 months and even more than that. Since stye is an inflammatory condition and there is pain, eye concentration works cannot be performed on those days. But in the case of chalazion, if the size is small it won’t interfere with the vision except for some irritability but if the size is large, it will affect mostly near vision and eyeball movement. Styes and chalazion cause disfigurement of the face cosmetically.

 – Examination of eye and eyelids by ophthamologist is necessary to confirm the diagnosis and to rule out any intraocular pathology.
In case of stye
  • Infective nodule is present at the edge of the eyelid margin
  • Simply plucking the hair in the stye area will evacuate the pus
  • Fever and pain may be present in some severe cases
  • Lymph nodes enlargement can be seen in front of the ear
  • Culture and sensitivity tests are to be done to find out infectious bacteria
In case of chalazion
  • Lump is always present away from the eyelid margin
  • Painless nodule
  • Biopsy should be performed in the case of large and stubborn ones to rule out other complication like tumour or cancer
Prevention – incase of recurring styes and chalazions

  • Keep your hand, eyes & eye lashes clean by washing often
  • Don’t share eye make-up kit or otherwise wipe it before use
  • Stress and strain to eyes especially working for a long time on the computer
  • Touching, rubbing or squeezing your eyes which will usually spread the infection and also cause redness
  • Contact of hair with the eyes
  • Nutritious diet, especially food rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, and magnesium and zinc to improve general health
  • Plenty of water and juices
  • Warm applications for relieving the pain, to soften the hardened blocked duct, to promote drainage and healing process. It also speeds up the forming of pointer head for letting out the pus.
Treatment – Since it is the eye, vision is hindered every moment, reminding us in every blink, making medical attention much important.
In Allopathy:
For styes – antibiotic course is usually given for 7 days. During that period, styes usually resolve in many cases, but mostly recur. In some cases, it is extracted. In some cases, antibiotic cream and lotion is advised for external use.
For chalazion – no drugs are administered. They simply wait for the chalazion’s own schedule of going or otherwise they simply remove it surgically. In this case also it tends to recur. Also for chalazion, some doctors use steroid drops and medicine where quick relief is guaranteed but not in preventing recurrences.
Even though styes and chalazion are not serious disorders, their chronic nature and spread may bring a serious condition. An ophthalmologist’s opinion is absolutely necessary in case of severe redness, impaired vision and painfulness to rule out complications in either case.

 – In extreme painful cases, if the chalazion remains as it is and does not go off on its own even after several months of treatment, then surgery is performed as a last resort for removal. In case of styes, surgical drains are performed in stubborn cases.
Homeopathic approach 

In case of styes, the habit of picking, pinching, rubbing also hinder the curing process and add to the infection. Also, when it is not properly cured, the disease often repeats and become tendencies. There are two effects of the curing process. One is promoting suppuration to speed up the let out process and healing and another one is making it dissolve slowly. The first method is often noticed in styes and the second in chalazion. Some people are satisfied with the let out process (and feel as if they had eliminated the diseased content of the body). This occurs often in styes. It breaks, releasing the pus and thus the swelling may go away. Otherwise, the swelling may take a long time to get reduced. One of the most common reasons why people seek Homeopathic care is that the cure will be permanent and the treatment has no side-effects. Homeopathic medicines may also help dissolve the styes and chalazion. These complaints can be easily claimed as non-surgical complaints in Homeopathy
Homeopathy can offer a definite cure for styes and chalazion as well as prevent their recurrence.
The earlier you treat it, the speedier and more complete the cure. Some people relate formation of Stye and chalazions with heat of the body, sleep, hairy constitution and try to eliminate it or otherwise want to get treated for that. But whatever may be the reason or reaction, if we get immunity, the disease will not affect us. Also, if we suppress it with steroids, it goes off immediately but will flare up again, after gaining force. So the internal Homoeopathy medicine is the best one to stop recurrence of styes and chalazion by raising natural resistance without any side-effects.
Homeopathic medicines which are commonly used for styes or chalazion are Apis mel, Pulsastilla, Mag phos, Staphysagria, Oleum jac, Acid nit, Sulphur, Hepar sulph, Bacillinum, Kali Brom, Pyrogen, Thuja, Calc carb, Silicea, etc. These Medicines should be taken under the advice and diagnosis of a qualified Homeopath.

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