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"Homeopathy is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and nonviolently." - Mahathma Gandhi

Wonders of Homeopathy

Homeopathy the biggest Miracle
wondersofhomeopathy clip image001 Wonders of HomeopathyHomeopathy is gaining in acceptance the world over due to its nature of treatment. Homeopathy does wonders when applied scientifically. As Homeopathy works on certain principles, it never fails within its limitations.
However, a Homeopath may fail in treating the patient when he cannot elicit the characteristic symptom of the patient to match with the drug symptoms for selecting similimum (apt drug in right dosage).
Homeopathy usually believes in internal treatment rather than topical applications or external interventions (removal of the disease or its effects using surgery, acids, freezing, burning, banding, laser, radiation, cauterization, ointments, liniments, oils, etc.) since internal medicines can only throw/expel the disease. Internal Homeopathic medicines treat patient as a whole by supporting the body’s own process of healing (immune mechanism) without any side-effects.
Evidences make history and proof makes facts. Seeing will make one to believe and follow, than merely stating the facts or history. Also some times miracles need to be seen for one to gain faith. Here are some visuals on homeopathic wonders as a short, snap shot tour.
wondersofhomeopathy clip image002 Wonders of HomeopathyWarts of 18-year-old girl treated with Homeopathy
Here as a miracle of Homeopathy. One can see the clear normal skin without a scar at the end of the treatment.
For unwinding these knots of skin, Homeopathy takes hardly 2½ months to clear the complaint.
wondersofhomeopathy clip image003 Wonders of Homeopathywondersofhomeopathy clip image004 Wonders of Homeopathy
wondersofhomeopathy clip image008 Wonders of Homeopathy
wondersofhomeopathy clip image006 Wonders of Homeopathy
wondersofhomeopathy clip image010 Wonders of Homeopathywondersofhomeopathy clip image009 Wonders of Homeopathy
wondersofhomeopathy clip image012 Wonders of Homeopathywondersofhomeopathy clip image011 Wonders of Homeopathy
wondersofhomeopathy clip image013 Wonders of Homeopathywondersofhomeopathy clip image014 Wonders of Homeopathy
To know about warts, follow the link
Fungal infection of nails – This ugly nail condition of a 42-year-old woman has been rooted out with internal Homeopathic medicines in a span for 5 months.
To know more about fungal nail infections, follow the linkhttp://chennaionline.com/health/Homoeopathy/2006/01homoeo71.asp
Cavernous haemangioma (soft spongy blood mass) has been treated successfully by also rooting out its recurrent nature with the help of Homeopathy.
PSORIASIS – This tough skin disease has been cured with internal constitutional treatment of Homeopathy and the patient’s patience for 2 years.
To know more about psoriasis, follow the link
(Thanks to courteous patients who allowed this presentation to show the effectiveness of Homeopathy)
wondersofhomeopathy clip image016 Wonders of Homeopathywondersofhomeopathy clip image017 Wonders of Homeopathywondersofhomeopathy clip image018 Wonders of Homeopathywondersofhomeopathy clip image019 Wonders of Homeopathy
wondersofhomeopathy clip image021 Wonders of Homeopathywondersofhomeopathy clip image022 Wonders of Homeopathywondersofhomeopathy clip image020 Wonders of Homeopathy
wondersofhomeopathy clip image024 Wonders of Homeopathywondersofhomeopathy clip image026 Wonders of Homeopathywondersofhomeopathy clip image027 Wonders of Homeopathy

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