Appetite reasons and care

“You cannot buy appetite and sleep as you buy food and bed”
“Work for food & take food for work”
“Eat to live and don’t live to eat”
appetite clip image002 Appetite These are all popular sayings. Appetite and fasting usually refresh the stomach every time. You can feel good digestion after your appetite returns or after fasting. Even though people are aware of all these, they take pleasure in overeating and go for a lot of snacks in between meals while watching TV or games. They never let their stomach be empty to develop a good appetite.
Also out of overwhelming love, some children are brought up without their having any appetite i.e. they are pressured to eat more, where they will never enjoy eating or know the need or importance of it. Here one should mind that habits developed in childhood will usually be followed into adulthood.
appetite clip image003 Appetite Undoubtedly, nutrition plays a major role in health, so does “appetite”. Appetite is a desire or craving or relish food. It is natural, common for everyone and felt by everyone. It is well played by the brain considering the sugar level in the blood, the digestive process, fat deposits, hormones, etc. Appetite is often mixed up with hunger. To differentiate clearly, appetite has more to do with the brain and usually gets altered with external factors whereas hunger is more involved with the stomach and gets modified according to internal factors. Hunger is a type of pain in the stomach caused by acid secretion loaded in the stomach for digesting food particles. It indicates a need for food/energy for our appetite clip image004 Appetite body.
Digestion is a complex phenomenon which is less understood. Altogether, the entire thing (growth and sustainability) depends on appetite and digestion. None other than the obese can happy about the loss of appetite. Those who lack appetite will go from doctor to doctor to get it back, for fear of death or disease. They should understand that usually appetite comes with eating regularly.
Loss of appetite i.e., lacking in providing nutrients or energy to the body, may form the foundation for diseases. Oily fats/fatty foods, carbonated drinks, tinned foods with preservatives, lots of medication, irregular eating habits, lack of exercise, etc., are commonly rewarded with loss of appetite. Appetite loss will also follow in case of prolonged sleep, depression, aversion to food, etc. It varies from children to adults.
Appetiser – Appetizer will create an appetite for food, i.e., it gives applause for food. From childhood, some would have been given tonics for for good appetite and for being robust. Developing this habit is not correct since the artificially created appetite will work till the tonic lasts. In hotels, soups are served as appetizers or starters to have good intake.
Loss of appetite/decreased appetite – is medically called ‘anorexia’. Lack of appetite may arise from many reasons. Any illness can affect appetite, from the initial day onwards, Likewise, appetite will resume as the first betterment symptom while getting cured.
Common causes for loss of appetite are:
  • Emotional – anxiety, mental stress and strain, nervousness, tension, loneliness, loss, aversion to food, depression, etc., can cause loss of appetite.
  • Physiological – pregnancy, prolonged sleep, laziness, ageing
  • appetite clip image005 Appetite Physical – congenital deformities causing difficulty in deglutition, assimilation and elimination can cause loss of appetite
  • Cosmetic – weight reduction procedures, fear of obesity
  • Pathological – arising from diseases – TB, jaundice, fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, duodenal ulcer, oesophagitis, stomatitis, asthma, anaemia, heart diseases, cancer, AIDS, etc.
  • Drugs – steroidal and hormonal treatments, chemo therapy
  • Socio-economic factors – with habit of suppressing one’s appetite
Symptoms – Loss of appetite and its other symptoms vary. Commonly, it is present with
  • Dizziness
  • Giddiness
  • appetite clip image006 Appetite Tremors and palpitations
  • Fear of food or vomiting
  • Even a handul of food causing aversion
  • Weight loss
  • Increased acid secretion in stomach with burning eructations
  • Pain in stomach or fullness of abdomen
Gas trouble
  • Fear of food
  • Mal-absorption
  • Anaemia
  • Recurrent and repeated illnesses due to lowered immunity
  • Indigestion and frequent diarrhoea
  • Weight loss
Physical – Exercise is good to stimulate appetite and utilise food
Special senses – Sight and smell of food can also induce appetite; sometimes even hearing
Artificial – Drugs and tonics
Natural – Ginger, basil leaves, grapes, honey, pineapple, carrot
appetite clip image007 Appetite Diagnosis – It is important to rule out serious illnesses with abdominal ultrasound scan, colonoscopy, liver function tests, Barium meal X-rays and thyroid function tests.
  • Die t in a relaxed manner, without any hurry
  • appetite clip image008 Appetite Easily digestible, oil-free food
  • Nutritious diet for not more than 3/4th of the stomach
  • Water before and after meal
Diet at regular intervals or at a particular time
AVOIDappetite clip image009 Appetite
  • Tension and hurried life
  • Full and heavy meal
  • Oily diet and snacks before meal or bed time
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol, chewing tobacco
  • Aerated drinks, coffee and tea
High fat containing nuts and biscuits
Caution – To avoid medical emergencies, diabetic patients, low BP patients, peptic ulcer patients, heart patients, pregnant/nursing women should go continue eating even though there is loss of appetite. Otherwise, it will bring complications. Follow routine food habits.
Take food Like a king in the morning, Like a prince in the afternoon &Like a princess at night.
Common appetite-related disorders
appetite clip image010 Appetite 1. Anorexia nervosa – is one of the common diseases that arising during adolescence with loss of appetite and depression. It makes the sufferer look thin as skeleton due to drastic weight loss. Adolescent girl suffer from this more. They usually feel bad about their appearance and suffer physically as well as psychologically with fear of food or diseases or death. They crave for an appetite. Psychological counselling and apt treatment is necessary to restore normal health.
2. Increased appetite and obesity – Skipping timely meals will usually bring voracious, canine-like hunger. Sometimes, hunger is felt at midnight or in the early morning. These peoples are supposed to suffer from peptic ulcer. The frequent overeating – polyphagia/hyperphagia – will often bring about obesity, but there are many diseases, where even with excessive appetite and intake, there would be weight loss: Ex – diabetes, hypertension (blood pressure), hyperthyroidism, etc. These people should train themselves to have a regular diet at regular intervals with effective treatment. No one can eliminate hunger. Obese patients often reduce their weight or obesity by fooling the stomach with bulky fibre diet that has no calories. They also go for appetite suppressants to avoid intake. Appetite suppressants commonly used are:
  • Soft drinks, alcohol, coffee, tea
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco
  • Drugs
Want of appetite/hunger in Homeopathic approach – In Homeopathy or in other streams of treatment, the first question to analyse health is “appetite” since it gives a better idea about the appetite clip image011 Appetite status of health. From the treatment point of view also it helps a lot for prognosis of the disease. For example, if one’s appetite is improving, one can judge by onself that there is improvement in the condition and the choice of drug is correct. But if one feels decreased appetite after medication, even if the disease symptoms become better, the drug choice is probably wrong and it is not actually a real betterment. Betterment will be temporary and also it denotes that the disease has been driven internally than getting cured.
Appetite is one of the important general symptoms (others are thirst, stool, urine, sleep, menses, etc.) for which Homeopathy is good treatment. It is called a general symptom since it affects the person as a whole compared to the localised symptom. Appetite and good digestion help build the natural defence mechanism and the body to act against diseases. Homeopathy increases immunity and enables the body to fight the infection by itself. After apt Homeopathic treatment, one can confirm
  • improvement of appetite
  • arrestment of weight loss and tiredness
  • weight gain and feeling refreshed
What is lost usually seems the most valuable and often praised. Appetite/hunger is one among them. Once lost, one will make one need/want more of it. Hunger is usually praised by the rich and cursed by the poor. The excellence of Homeopathy is its ability to concentrate on the mind, on the craving/aversion for/to food diet and treats the person as a whole, as always.
It treats according to the totality of symptoms, feelings of the patient and cause of the disease. Homeopathy can open a new avenue which is straight and short for having good appetite and good digestion. In case of voracious appetite alsoH homeopathy makes it normal rather than suppressing or reducing it by any suppressants. But it is best one cultivates regular food habits combined with good exercise to keep oneself always healthy.
Homeopathic Medicines should be taken under the advice and diagnosis of a qualified Homeopath.

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What is homeopathy ?

What is homeopathy ?
Homoeopathic medicines are very refined and are given in minimal and minute doses, so there are no side-effects. The system treats the patient as a whole i.e. mind and body, and makes one free of the disease condition, and prevents recurrence. Homoeopathic medicines can be used in all types of disease, at all ages, in all circumstances. By acting in a natural way it increases immunity. It also removes tendencies, allergies and thus helps mankind to live in a modern world that is highly polluted. It also reduces the impact of hereditary-familial diseases by raising the immunity level. Also, in some painful conditions like peptic ulcer, patients cannot take Allopathy painkillers since the ulcer will get aggravated. But in Homoeopathy we can treat in a better way the painful condition and peptic ulcer. Homoeopathy medicines act through nerve endings in the tongue – the doctor will merely ask the patient to place the medicine under the tongue and let it melt slowly – so they are no way related to the stomach or blood. So, even pregnant women can take these medicines safely.

Mode of taking Homeopathy Medicines

Homeopathy TreatmentUnder the diagnosis and advice of a qualified Homeopath, Homeopathy medicines will usually give comfort, calmness and hope to suffering mankind even in difficult cases, for some of which the modern medical world says nothing can be done. Homeopathic medicines can provide cure gently, promptly and permanently if they are taken properly. The medicine, its potency (power), its frequency (repetition), may vary according to the patient and the condition. Even with long time medications, Homeopathy medicines are completely safe and free from all sorts of side-effects and addiction. It can be safely used in infants, children, adolescents, adults, elderly people and even in pregnant women.


Wonders of Homeopathy

Best Homeopathy TreatmentHomeopathy is gaining in acceptance the world over due to its nature of treatment. Homeopathy does wonders when applied scientifically. As Homeopathy works on certain principles, it never fails within its limitations. However, a Homeopath may fail in treating the patient when he cannot elicit the characteristic symptom of the patient to match with the drug symptoms for selecting similimum (apt drug in right dosage). Homeopathy usually believes in internal treatment rather than topical applications or external interventions (removal of the disease or its effects using surgery, acids, freezing, burning, banding, laser, radiation, cauterization, ointments, liniments, oils, etc.) since internal medicines can only throw/expel the disease. Internal Homeopathic medicines treat patient as a whole by supporting the body’s own process of healing (immune mechanism) without any side-effects.


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The contents of this column are for informational purpose only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional healthcare advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of healthcare professional for any health problem or medical condition.

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Smarter way of handling cancer

Best Homeopathy TreatmentCancer seems to be a lot more prevalent now, due to a variety of unknown causes and known causes like use of plastics as food servers, fertilizer usage, microwave oven usage, etc. So, with all available advanced technologies, one needs to take care of their health by modifying life style / proper food habits / good body hydration / judicious use of medicinesand regular checkups. Sustained treatment is essential to combat / post pone recurrences in cancer. Likewise all the benign tumours need to be analyzed every year to make sure that it remains benign without growing in size or differentiating. What is Cancer? Any abnormal proliferation in cytology or numbers of the cells is considered to be a tumour or growth. There are two types of tumours, i.e. Benign and Malignant. Benign tumours are the growth which has more number of cells but has similar pattern of cytology of existing normal cells. In case of malignancy, i.e. cancer, the cells will go out of range in size, cytology and numbers in uncontrollable manner invading other tissues and spread to other parts (metastasis) endangering life. Tumours either benign or malignant can cause different set of symptoms in different set of people according to the location, involvement of structure and spreading nature.


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