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MOUTH – Gingivitis

Gums are pinky, spongy structures which are essential to hold and protect the teeth. They adhere to the teeth very closely for sealing to prevent entry/spread of the infection inside, i.e. to the root of the teeth or jaw bone. Due to ageing or disease, gums get weakened and recessed, paving way for falling of the teeth. In all this process of receding, the teeth seem to be elongated, sensitive and feel shaky with bleeding.
Bleeding from the gums is mainly due to injury or infection/inflammation of gums. Such infected/inflamed gums are medically called ‘Gingivitis’. It can be seen as red line (blood) in the gum line. If bleeding persists, then it should be taken seriously if it is an indication for illnesses like leukemia (blood cancer), bleeding disorders, etc. One should be aware of haemophiliacs who usually bleed to death.

 Infection (bacterial / viral / fungal) arises in the gums and teeth produce
acids and toxins which usually erode and cause inflammation of the gums. The inflammation makes gums swollen, red and spongy which increases the tendency to bleed and weakens the stability of the teeth by recession.
INCIDENCES Bleeding gums is more commonly seen in adults. In case of children, it is mostly due to injury due to improper brushing. In case of adults or the aged, it is often found to be related with disease. Females have higher incidences than males. Marginal gingivitis is most common i.e. bleeding from gums comes usually from / near the base of the teeth.
CAUSES – Bleeding gums may be due to
  • Injury / trauma which may be caused by a blow, insertion of foreign substances, tooth picking, dentures, improper brushing, flossing, etc. It may also get injured from irritation of chemicals/acids in foods, drinks, mouth fresheners, tooth whiteners and medicines
  • Disease conditions can also cause bleeding gums. For example
  • Gum problems – infection of gums, retracted or receded gums, weak & spongy gums
  • Dental problems – caries, excessive tartar/plaque formation, periodontitis, etc
  • Mouth – Mouth sores can also spread infection to gums to cause bleeding
  • Blood disorders – Bleeding & clotting disorders – deficiency of coagulation factors, Thrombocytopenic purpura, haemophilia, leukemia, etc., can cause bleeding.
  • Systemic – Liver disorders, kidney disorders, arterial/capillary diseases, diabetes, heart disorders, etc., can also reflect as bleeding gums.
  • Nutritional and physiological – Vitamin C & K deficiency will lead to bleeding disorders. Pregnancy and hormonal changes can also cause bleed gums occasionally. Poor oral hygiene often causes bleeding due to infection and weakness.
  • Medications – Continuous usage of blood thinners (Aspirin, heparin therapy, etc), pain-killers and treatment procedures like chemotherapy, radiation therapy (for cancer), can also cause bleeding from gums.
  • Bleeding on slightest injury or touch
  • Red, tender and swollen gums
  • Blood & bloody taste in mouth
  • Sometimes, pus can be squeezed from the gums
  • Bad breath
  • Recession of the gums from the teeth
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Loose, shaky teeth
  • Difficulty and discomfort in mastication and food intake occasionally due to pain and sensitiveness.
DIAGNOSIS & INVESTIGATIONS – For persistent bleeding gums, the following tests are very essential.
  • Oral examination of teeth and gums
  • X-rays – Teeth and jaw
  • Blood Analysis
  • Tc, Dc, Esr, Hb%, sugar, calcium, urea, creatinine
  • Coagulation factors and serum prothrombin time
  • Bleeding time and clotting time
PREVENTION: The more you sweat in peacetime, the less you bleed during war. i.e.,. take efforts in precaution all the way for prevention.
  • Hard and fast brushing
  • Hard diets/snacks which can cause injury – chips, etc
  • Sour foods or drinks
  • Hot drinks, carbonated acid drinks, sticky chocolates, etc
  • Pain-killers, blood thinners (anticoagulants) and unnecessary medication
  • Rinsing mouth with mouth fresheners often
  • Tobacco chewing, betel nut chewing and smoking
  • Plaque deposits by proper cleaning and visiting dentist regularly

  • Soft bristle tooth brushes to brush gently
  • Vitamin supplements in case of deficiency
  • Take care for
  • Well balanced nutritious diet
  • Proper mastication
  • Brush away the food particles in mouth after every meal
  • Proper brushing i.e. gentle and careful
  • Ill-fitting dentures if any
  • Oral hygiene and dental health
  • Gargle with salty warm water after every meal
  • Apply gentle pressure for compression, if bleeding persists
  • Apply ice or take ice cold drinks or juices to stop bleeding
  • Don’t brush the teeth. Instead you can rinse the mouth with salty warm water
  • Keep you away from all new medication
  • Visit physician/dentist at the earliest to rule out the causes
COMPLICATIONS – Brush away the problem in initial period itself or otherwise complications like constant bleeding, swelling and pain in gums, periodontal disease (jaw bone disease) and finally tooth loss can also occur.
GENERAL TREATMENT – To keep healthy and smiling teeth, gums are very essential to be healthy.
The first and best treatment is caring for oral and dental hygiene with proper brushing techniques. Due to a wide range of problems occurring in the gums and teeth, in Allopathy, often most of the patients are prescribed antibiotics and varieties of paste to control infection.

In Homeopathy, according to symptoms, similarity and cause of the complaint, Homeopathy drugs are prescribed to cure the case. The medicines which are prescribed homeopathically will control infection immediately and arrest bleeding, by making healthy gums. For complete cure, treatment should be started at the early stage itself. Or otherwise, gums may recede or shrink, paving way for infection to enter the base of the teeth to loosen it. Once gums get retracted and receded, gaining normalcy is tough. Even though we make gums healthy by treatment, it will not adhere to the teeth as tightly as before. Here, the cementum of the teeth will be exposed to cause sensitive teeth. So, treating bleeding gums earlier is a must.

Usually, pain is always preferable to numbness, i.e., some people go for benumbing the gum with gum gel for pain relief and arresting the bleeding. It will work very temporarily. Also in this case, the disease often gets advanced further causing more and more pain and more and more complications, since this type of temporary alleviating manoeuvre always allow the disease in the track with temporary hurdle. So, treatment for bleeding gums locally with this type of gum gel will not help in the long run. We should always aim at treating the cause and symptoms internally with internal medicines for reviving complete cure. Homeopathy usually provides it.
Homeopathic medicines commonly used in cases of bleeding gums are Acid nit, Acid phos, Ars alb, Belladonna, Calc carb, Capsicum, Carbo veg, Chamomilla, China, Causticum, Echinacea, Hydrastis, Kali bich, Kreosote, Lachesis, Millefolium, Merc sol, Nat mur, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Staphysagria, Sulphur, Thuja, etc. These Medicines should be taken under the advice and diagnosis of a qualified Homeopath.

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