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NAILS- In-growing nail

The convex glossy nails – the ten commandments of hand or foot – usually differ from one person
to another in quality (i.e. in colour, shape, smoothness, thickness, strength) & with growth against adjacent skin. The continuous growth of nails usually leads the free border of the nail away from the nail bed which supports the nail. But sometimes it may get struck to the skin, due to the crumbling nature of nail or with the barrier of the skinfold remaining in front of nail-free edge.

In-growing nails are medically termed as ‘onychocryptosis’. It is one of commonest toe/foot complaints, but it can also occur on the fingers. It is a painful condition due to the piercing nature of the nail edges against the adjacent skin during growth. The growth of the nails usually depends on the status of the health and care for it. Nail matrix is the most important part determining the shape and thickness of the nail. The proper growth of nail is guided by the nail bed and the adjacent skin. Nails tend to coil after you let them grow long. This is due to loss of stability and support. But in case of in-growing nails, occurrence of crumbling is due to hindrance in growth or support or texture or disease.
Incidence – In-growing of nails can occur in any age group, but it is very rare in children. The great toe is the commonest victim, but other toes/fingers can also be affected at times (depending upon the trauma or diseases or nail care). Mostly it occurs on one edge of the nail. But it can also occur on both sides of the nail edges, when skin is the major causative factor.
Causes – may be with nail or protracting skin fold. The most common causes are
  • Uneven trimming/cutting of nails or biting nails
  • Cutting nails deeply in a straight manner
  • Nail Injury ending in deformity of nails
  • Diseases of nails (fungal infection, rheumatoid arthritis involving finger joints, etc., can cause crumbling or deformity of nail or nail plate)
  • Excessive thickening of nail will drive its lower edge inward (in psoriasis, lichen planus) causing in-growing nail
  • Wearing ill-fitting and tight shoes for a prolonged time may restrict free nail growth and can cause in-growing nail
Symptoms – Not all in-grown nails cause pain and infection. But, starting with discomfort, the excruciating pain and infection will often follow with the growth of in-growing nail. The more the in-growing nail grows, the deeper it pierces the skin, causing more pain and infection. The common symptoms of in-growing nails are:
  • Very sensitive and painful nail edges
  • Throbbing or stabbing or pricking type of pain in nail/tip of fingers
  • Red, swollen and inflamed skin, adjacent to in-growing nail edges
  • Occasional discharge/oozing of fluid from inflamed part with pus/blood
  • Brittleness or cracking or flaking of nails due to bending of growing nail with hindrance.

of in-growing nails are usually an extremely painful condition with sepsis and fever. It will often lead to emergency surgical procedure of partial or total nail removal. Usually, complaints of in-growing nails get aggravated by wearing ill fitting and tight shoes. Neglected or left-over untreated in-grown nails can produce complications as follows:
  • Occurrence of nail bed infection & deformity of nail
  • Infection that can spread into the deep spaces of foot
  • Serious, life threatening circumstances can occur in people who suffer from diabetes and circulatory disorders

Prevention and management
  • Proper cutting of the nails can surely avoid in-growing nails and its recurrence.
  • Do not tamper skin, while cutting away the nails, since this may cause thickening of skin as a barrier against growing nails.
  • Don’t trim nail very deeply, i.e. leave some free edges over the end of the nail.
  • If it is very painful, in-growing edge of nail can be excised after being softened with any softeners or moisturiser or by soaking in water for a while.
  • Trim in-grown nail from edge-to-edge in semi-lunar manner to avoid getting wound and infection or trim it straight and leave some free edges over skin to keep nail free from skin penetration
  • Remove hanging nails, if any
  • Wear proper fitting shoes with comfortable toe room.
  • Prevent infection with anti-septic cream

General treatment 

 In-growing nails are usually a recurring problem causing repeated infection. It will not resolve on its own as like other diseases that get resolved after the development of natural resistance in due course of suffering. So, treatment procedure is a must. In Allopathy, for in-growing nails, the first and foremost measure or treatment is excising the piercing edge or border of the nail, sometimes with partial or total nail removal. These measures give only temporary relief, but still the advantage of immediate shut down of pain is always admired. The next commonest prescription is anti-septic cream to control infection.

Homeopathic approach 

In-growing nail developed as/with a structural hindrance needs to be
manipulated surgically/locally, i.e. by shaping, cutting, filing, etc. The truth is that, this type of manipulation can only provide temporary relief, since the same complaint recur with the growth of the nail. With precautionary measures (proper nail cut and nail care), Homeopathy can correct deformity of nails (in shape and thickness), crumbling nails, etc., to normalcy by improving the quality of nail and its growth. Homeopathy can prevent recurrence and raise your thumb against diseases of the nail by encouraging the new formation of perfect nails.
Homeopathic medicines commonly used in case of in-growing nails are Acid flour, Acid nit, Anti crud, Causticum, Graphites, Hepasulp, Mezereum, Myristica, Silicea, etc. These Medicines should be taken under the advice and diagnosis of a qualified Homeopath.

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