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How to treat fatigue

Everyone would have felt fatigue at one time or the other, i.e. commonly after simple cold or sleeplessness. Fatigue is common to everyone and everyone gets fatigue after exertion, strenuous exercise, games, party, sex, etc. Also if one’s life goes interesting with happy moments, then they won’t feel much tiredness, but if it is distressing and stressful, even a least exertion will make one feel fatigue. The interesting bit is that one who is lazy and does nothing get tired more often than others who keep themselves always busy. An equally interesting feature is that only the tongue, which works continuously (during speech and food intake), doesn’t feel any tiredness.
Fatigue is a state of tiredness/weariness with increased discomfort and decreased efficiency. It may be either due to excessive or prolonged physical or mental stress or of both or due to any illness. It is otherwise called exhaustion, lassitude, lethargy, debility. Women are more likely to be affected than men. Fatigue usually goes away after some rest or relaxation or good sleep. Everyone feels refreshed after that. But if it happens to persist, one needs to consult a health professional as early as possible. Also, if someone happens to get tired with the least bit of exertion (in spite of nutritious food/drinks, good sleep/rest) it means they need to go for proper diagnosis and treatment analysing the causative factor in-depth.
Causative factors – Fatigue may be because of various factors.
  • Depression with worries
  • Lack of interest in a boring job
  • Anxiety related psychological disorders - Anorexia nervosa
  • Homesickness or change in lifestyle/environment
  • Overstrain with lack of rest/sleep
  • Loss of vital fluids (blood loss, excessive sweat, excessive sexual activity, lactation, overbleeding during periods, dehydration due to lack of water intake, sunstroke, poor eating habits)
  • Overweight
  • Sleeplessness or change in sleep pattern
  • In the elderly, age with lack of strength
  • Habits - Excessive smoking, alcohol, coffee and tea
Pathological - Generally, for tiredness, anaemia as suspected as the foremost cause, but one should aware that it can also be because of various diseases starting from simple cold to cancer. For example: fever, diarrhoea, indigestion, spermatorrhoea, diabetes, hypothyroidism, sleep disorders, jaundice, recurrent lung infections, worm infestations, muscular or nervous problem, auto immune disorders, heart ailments, liver affections, kidney complaints, etc. Also, most often, fatigue comes with multiple causes/cluster of diseases and becomes difficult for diagnosis. Finally, if the world of medicine cannot help betterment with treatment and not find any causative factors, it is labelled as incurable “chronic fatigue syndrome” or “fibromyalgia”.
Symptoms of fatigue

  • Lack of energy - Feels exhausted and need of strength
  • Lack of interest and concentration (bored).
  • Prefers loneliness and remains lazy
  • Frustrated/impatient/irritable with headache
  • Depressed and memory loss
  • Lack of interest in sex/libido
  • Muscle cramps/aches
  • Intermittent yawning/stretching outs
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sleepy and pain in body/joints
Management and prevention - It is normal to get some good rest or sleep with health drinks or multivitamins to come out of fatigue. In case of continuing causes, i.e., night duty, untimely diet, insomnia (sleeplessness), improper treatment for depression and anxiety, etc., people then need to change their lifestyle and have some therapy/exercises. Further, even though fatigue is not a serious disorder, it may sometimes arise due to serious ailments (like leukemia, autoimmune disorders, myasthenia, multiple sclerosis). So, one need to approach health professional for persistent tiredness especially if their sleep/rest is not refreshing them and their energy is not recharged after foods or drinks.
Remember, prevention is always better than cure. Since fatigue can stop anyone from enjoying the pleasures of life, it is always better to have a sound body and mind by sticking to proper rest, good sleep, well-balanced diet, regular meals at regular intervals, adequate exercise (too much exercise can cause more tiredness), good aeration and drinking a good amount of water. It is better to avoid alcoholic/caffeinated drinks and smoking. Also, one should have practical expectations to avoid dejection in life.
Homeopathic approach to fatigue 

Homeopathy deals more with patient’s symptoms and feelings than the disease or its symptoms. As fatigue can be caused by various factors, one needs to have blood investigation and other required parameters according to the presentation of the complaints to rule out complications. One should express all their complaints/feelings with tried medications (if any) to the doctor to help him select the right medicine. Even though taking health supplements/multivitamin tablets can work for some time, it is better to stimulate our body with Homeopathy medicines (to have good body function) rather than providing just substitutes or supplements in case of persistent or recurrent fatigue. Minute dose of Homeopathy can stimulate the body’s own system to absorb/secrete the required amount of nutrients/hormones for better body functions and briskness.
The homeopathic medicines commonly used for tiredness are Acid phos, Alfalfa, Arnica, Ars alb, Avena sativa, Bryonia, Carbo veg, Calc carb, China, Gelsemium, Ginseng, Ipecac, Lachesis, Lycopodium, Nat mur, Picric acid, Pulsatilla, Rhus tox, Selenium, Staphysagria, Sulphur, Ver Alb, etc. These Homeopathy medicines should be taken under the advice and diagnosis of a qualified Homoeopath.

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