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MALE DISORDERS – Impotency - Erectile dysfunction

There are lots and lots of opinions on sex. For some, it is nothing; for some, it is something; for some others, it is everything. So, everything depends on the interest.
 For powerful sexual activities, people often use bunny rabbit or horse as a symbolic representation. These symbols have been used for a long time since bunny rabbit is a symbol for Playboy in sex, due to its brisk, funny, jumping activities and its indulgence in sex, and the horse is an indicator of power, for gaining vim and vigour. Some others may show a masculine body to denote power. In olden days, men had multiple wives and they were also able to satisfy all of them with their physique, healthy food and good, hard work. But this era of white collar jobs with hurried and tensed lifestyle which does not allow for it
In our culture, man is often challenged for his manliness or maleness in all aspects a childless man
is suspected to be an impotent. Actually, sex is somewhat different from fertility. It is a mutually pleasurable activity and nothing more than that. Infertility is the failure in producing an offspring. Impotency is the failure in performing sex. Impotency is a very sensitive topic since the person never wishes to discuss about it with his friends or family or even family doctor.

Any man will be ashamed of himself if his performance in sexual activity is not satisfactory to himself or his partner. In order to conceal his impotency, some men will keep away their wife and pose as if they are not enamoured of her beauty or her activities. The wives are also not so courageous to reveal this to the world due to their shyness. Men take this advantage and blame the women for everything. They also suffer silently, without going for any proper treatment.
Erectile dysfunction (impotency) is the leader of all the complaints which are often left untreated or maltreated. The worst nature is fear and lack of confidence. No excuses should be given in this world of science, as everything can be treated or managed well.
Sexology has become a money-minting zone for quacks who cheat and ruin the life of the patients. Even though there is no complaint at all, taking advantage of the fear and shyness of the patient, they do some costly treatments and recommend multiple drug cocktails, which initially boost the sexual activity but later on often hinder the sex health of the patient.
Generally, lots of impotency drugs are coming into market with attractive advertisement for increasing size, time and act. Are these attractive boosters really useful for the sufferers? No. Since they do not deal with the cause of the complaint or never drive the sufferer to a doctor for analysis or investigating the problem, but it makes them purchase the drugs directly from drug stores.
Many young chaps, with lots of fear and lack of understanding, go for testing their maleness before marriage. They often go to a sexologist, sometimes they even go to prostitutes to rule out their fear and test their efficacy. There they get trapped and exploited with more fear and lot of investigations. Media advertisement is the major trap for youngsters to enter into the unwanted drug world.
Also, most of the young chaps turn up for treatment or drugs only after seeing erotic blue films. They try the same in their life. Sometimes, they could not meet the same in size, time and act, since the film must have been shot in many ways and it was a result of several days of shooting. Don’t try to imitate anything or anyone, maintain your own originality. Also most of them admit or assume they have become impotent and lack confidence to regain their potency. To get rid of all the problems, everyone should know what sex is, how it occurs, what is behind it, what could cause problems, and how to rectify it, etc.
Sexology is the study of act of sex or sexual relationship. Sexual activity is a pleasure or treasure. The attitude and behaviour pertaining to sexual activity differ from person to person. The time and satisfaction also varies, depending upon the person or individual. While indulging in sex activity for the first time, fear of performance or tremor or shiver will be very common for everyone. With great fear or excitement, no one can do anything just right or perfect.
All about sex:

Sex is mainly influenced or driven by sex hormones androgen and oestrogen
Sex is one of the strongest and basic instincts which makes one crave for more
Sex is one of the recreations which can relax the mind and body
Sex appetite is common for everyone but its control varies
Sexual activity and interest can decline with age
Sex keeps everyone young in mind and thoughts
Sex is a pleasurable sportive act or exercise
Sex is really good for health
Sex can bring offspring
Impotency – The most common male sexual dysfunction is impotence. Impotency or erectile dysfunction (ED) is means inability to perform the sexual activity. Almost all men experience this at some or the other time due to overindulgence or due to a lot of time gap. Even though there are many roots for impotency, the main stem is psychology. Even in a good mood, with desire and environment, impotency can occur if the person is stressed out or has problems in life. It can reflect in getting erection. Also, usually, older men need more time to attain firm erection, more time to ejaculate and much more time or days between two erections. Likewise, they will find difficulty in maintaining erection for more a long time. They have to accept Nature’s laws. They could be able to perform better if they adapt to this.
Impotency can pose in different forms depending on the types of origin
  • Difficulty in getting erection (varies from occasional or partial or complete, etc.)
  • Difficulty in sustaining erection (varies from short span to zero time)
  • Difficulty in performing the sexual activity
  • Difficulty in ejaculation or early ejaculation
  • Sex without satisfaction in size, time and act.
Incidence – Impotence affects 15-20 per cent of males. Its occurrence is more common in depressed and psychologically upset persons than others of the same age groups. It is more common in smokers, alcoholics, drug addicts or persons suffering from diabetes or hypertension. Also its incidence increases with age, overindulgence in sex or craving for more. Now impotency is more common than ever before due to early pollution of the mind through the media or modern culture. Now teens get mature very early. This criterion also clinches a major cause for the increased incidences of impotency.
Before discussing the cause of impotency and its treatments, everyone should know about the organs involved in sexual activity in the right way.
Male reproductive organs

Testis – The two male gonads are small oval-shaped glands which hang in a scrotal sac of the inguinal region. They produce sperms. The testis originates in the abdomen and gets descended from the third month of uterine life to the scrotal sac. The ectopic or undescended testis may end in failure. The testis is mostly covered with convoluted seminiferous tubules. The secretions of seminal vesicles and bulbar glands add for the bulk or volume of semen. It is the responsible organ for manliness or maleness with its male hormones.
Sperm – is the spermatozoa of men. It is dispersed through semen. Semen is a mix of sperms and secretions which get ejaculated at the end of sexual act from the penis.
Prostate gland is located just below a male’s bladder and surrounds the top portion of the urethra contributing to the sexual function with its secretions. It adds for the volume of the semen and it neutralises the acid suspension of the sperm and makes the sperm more capable of motion and increases the likelihood of fertilisation. Its secretion is continuous and more during the sexual act.
The benign tumour of the prostate in old age will cause increased desire, priapism (persistent erection of the penis in night) and spermatorrhoea.
 is a muscular & vascular organ which appears as a long slender shaft in a male. The penis is mainly composed of erectile tissues which are made of sponge-like work that can be filled with blood. The penis is capped with glans penis which is partially covered with prepuce. The glans penis has most sensitive receptors for stimulation of erection and ejaculation. The penis consists of two long columns of the corpus cavernosum and one column of corpus spongiosum. The corpus cavernosa has much arterial supply and blood vessels which usually get filled during erection and account for size enlargement. The centre of corpus spongiosum is pierced with urethra, the tube through which urine or semen get emerged. During sexual excitement, the penis gets engorged with blood and lubricating mucous gets poured into the urethra. Finally erected penis propels the semen deep into the vagina in a series of spurts followed by flaccidity of the penis.
The size and strength of the organ varies from person to person and races. Many males normally crave for long thick penis to satisfy their partner and go for unnecessary treatment. Even though science has proved that the size of the organ is not at all important in activity, as the vaginal canal of the female is sensitive for the initial 4-5cms only, males have a constant craving for it. But in extreme cases of small penis, surgery could help.
The tip or end of the penis has urethral opening. It is the common pathway or outlet for passing urine as well as semen, but never both at a time. If there is a leak of semen in urine, it is called spermatorrhoea which should be treated to avoid weakness.

Erection of penis Penis erection during sexual activity is important for penetrating the vagina. Also a firm erection is absolutely needed to lodge the semen deep in the vagina. The erection of the penis due to the filling up of the erectile tissue with blood makes it rigid and elevated. It depends upon the mental or physical make-up of the person. It gets varied depending upon the partner, places, stimulation and moods. The erected condition of the penis closes the opening of the bladder end and opens the opening of vas end. Normally, a male will have 2-3 erections in sleep (in REM type during dreams which occurs mostly in the early morning).
Mechanism of getting erection – Penile erection is mostly controlled by the autonomic nervous system, i.e. sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves. The stimulation can be from psychogenic or genital touch. On getting stimulation, from brain or genitals,
  • Penis blood supply is increased in many ways
  • Venous return of the penis is blocked for holding all incoming blood in the penis itself
  • The blood filled penis gets elevated and becomes firm
If anything goes wrong, the penis will be flaccid and not enable sexual activity.
Ejaculation – is the sudden forcible expulsion or throw or spurt of semen into the vaginal canal from the penis to reach the uterus. The erected penis will throw semen deep into the vagina. Or, otherwise, it oozes out. It is a reflex phenomenon which intensely makes it a pleasurable sensation for men. The stimulation of ejaculation arises from the glans penis which finally pours the sperm into the vagina with the contraction of the smooth muscles of various glands and ducts. Early ejaculation may occur prior to penetration, or before getting orgasm.
Nowadays, you can see advertisements from money-minting people who promise extra long time for ejaculation. Sometimes, this extra long time may cause failure in getting ejaculation and satisfaction.

 – is the psychological feeling for moods of sex. It drives and keeps us in sex.

 – is the height or apex in the sexual excitement. The violent muscular contractions and movement of the body including the changes in heart beat, respiration and blood pressure with excitement accounts for the orgasm which is followed by a pleasant fatigue.
Female reproductive organs

 is the sheath-like structure forming vaginal canal of nearly three inches from vulva to cervix. It accepts penis during sexual activity. Inflammation may cause pain, loss of libido and white discharges. Itching and urinary tract infection can also spread infection inside the vagina and reflect in sex. Dryness of vagina will cause difficulty in sexual activity and painful sex.
Uterus is the hollow muscular pouch or organ which usually gets prepared during every period for providing lodging facility for the fertilised ovum (if any). It takes care for the accommodation, nourishment and development of the fertilised ovum. If fertilisation of egg doesn’t occur, then it sheds its layers as menstrual bleeding.
Ovaries – are a pair of almond-sized organs which is kept loosely by the side of the uterus by a fold of peritoneum. They manufacture eggs for fertilisation and it is the organ responsible for the sexual moods and femininity of the female.
Fallopian tube – is a tube which leads the ovum from the ovaries to the uterus. Usually fertilization occurs in the middle of the fallopian tube. In case of blocked tubes, the egg or sperm will not be able to reach each other, for fertilisation which may result in infertility.
Ova or ovum – the egg of the female, which after getting fertilised have the ability to become an offspring.
In the female reproductive organs, except the vagina, nothing else is involved in the sexual activity. Ovaries may account for moods.
Causes for impotency may be
Psychological – fear of sex, unfavourable circumstances which affect privacy, inferiority complex, thoughts of previous failures, anxiety, stress, depression, drowsiness, scheduled sex in couples who are planning to have a child, lack of drive for sex, etc., can lead to impotency. Even though the psychological causes are several, in most of the cases the main spark is first time failure which leads to psychological fear and secondary so on.
Physical – can be classified as primary
  • Primary – from the very beginning, the person would suffer from the complaint due to physical complaints, i.e. testicular failure caused by congenital deformities like undescended testis (Cryptorchidism), torsion testis, hypogonadism, chromosomal abnormality, hypospadias (urethral opening in the under surface of penis), Hormonal disorders, metabolic disorders, etc.
  • Secondary – is due to effects of diseases or other causes

    Nervous system – Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and spinal cord injuries

    Vascular diseases – Hardening of the arteries caused by arteriosclerosis caused by hypertension, diabetes, increased level of cholesterol and metabolic disorders like kidney failure or liver failure, etc., can damage nerves or blood vessels that are engaged in erection of the penis. Stenosis of the arteries or obstructed or clogged arteries can also cause the same effect.

    Infection – Orchitis, untreated mumps can cause swelling of testis and impotency
Drugs – Anti-hypertensive drugs (betablockers), hormonal tablets, anti-depressants, chemotherapy and other drugs used in treating paralysis can cause impotency.

Habits or activities

Food habits – a cholesterol-rich diet, which causes deposition of plaque, obstructs the blood flow producing impotency.

Smoking, alcoholism and other stimulants can cause impotency

Overindulgence in sex can cause weakness and impotency

Occasional sexual contact

Planned or scheduled sex

Symptoms of impotency
  • Lack of libido (mood and interest) and confidence
  • No orgasm
  • Dejected life
Physical – may be in different forms
  • No erection at all during sexual activity.
  • Unable to perform due to erection that is less firm
  • Unable to complete the sexual activity due to early erection failure
  • Early ejaculation which causes flaccid penis before getting into the act
  • No satisfaction due to ejaculation failure
Puny penis size
Effects of impotency



Fear of life

Keep roaming to avoid coming home

Family disintegration or divorce

Suicidal mania

Present way of diagnosis
There is no need for diagnosis and investigations if erection failure occurs once in a while or so. But if it occurs repeatedly without any notable weakness or emotional stress, it should be properly investigated in the early days itself, to treat it or otherwise the more the time delay, the more the problems arises in mind, body and family.
The routine tests are

Hormone tests for testosterone and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)

Testicular failure is often indicated by
* Decreased testosterone level (normal testosterone level – 300- 1100ng/dl)
* Increased FSH (normal FSH level – 2-17 ml IU/ml)

Penile Doppler scans to check arterial obstruction or stenosis and venous leak

Rigi scan – for two consecutive night (in sleep laboratory) to check the occurrence of rigidity or erection in night for diagnosing the cause – whether physical or psychological. If there is no erection at all at night, then mostly the problem will be physical i.e., due to artery stenosis or obstruction or venous leak or others

Semen analysis

Ultra sound scan for prostate problems

Routine blood tests including electrolytes to rule out any metabolic disorders
Advice to sufferer to enjoy sex again as a pleasure 

Caring or precaution or prevention

In general, keep good health with regular good habits and good exercises.

  • Try sexual activity in early morning if there is problem in getting erection, since erection will be more rigid during or after deep sleep and in a cool climate. The success will trigger your mind and body to become normal.
  • Don’t give much gap between two sexual activities (not more than a week) which may lead to premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction or dissatisfaction. For this, normal condition can be revived by tuning the frequency of sex itself.
  • Stress and strain
  • Loneliness and deep thoughts
  • Pre-occupied notion or thoughts of poor experience while indulging in sex
  • Stimulants like alcohol, drugs, coffee and tea
  • Drug cocktails
  • Smoking (since it will promote arteriosclerosis and obstruct arterial blood flow)
  • Fatty diet
  • Natural foods, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, honey, milk, meat, egg, etc.
  • Recent research shows that drumstick seeds have some aphrodisiac (sex boosting) effect. Also from good old days, garlic, onion, asparagus, cashew, pista, dates are believed to have medicinal effect for impotency.
  • But usually people run behind quacks who sell costly, rare ‘medicines’ which is supposed to have an aphrodisiac effect i.e., rhino horn, moschus musk, horn of deer, vivera civetta (a rare variety of cat), peacock feather, mutilla occidentalis, fat oil from shark, etc. Also some recommend cannabis sativa for boosting effects. People usually think that the thing which cannot be achieved easily or which is high in demand has highest value. But nothing have been proved so far about their efficacy.
Finally for better sex – Spice your spouse or spouse should spice you.

Advice for the sufferer
  • Be open hearted to your better half and doctor
  • Hope for success and hope to succeed
  • Greed never wins and he greedy never get satisfied.
  • Haste goes waste
Advice to partner
  • Your satisfaction keeps your partner more energetic
  • Foreplay is important in getting full erection
  • Never do intercourse until full erection is attained or otherwise it may lead to failure
  • Keep in mind, if the partner is cheering and cooperative, drugs are just litter
  • Don’t tease about failure
False ideas
  • All childless men are impotent.
  • Aged persons cannot perform sex
Masculine and a well-exercised body is more potent
General treatment – First of all, everyone should understand that for getting treatment, age is no bar. Lack of treatment or getting treatment late makes oneself and one’s partner suffer psychologically. Impotence is the commonest problem of men which is often corrected easily with treatment and reassurance.
Present way of treatment
Psychological – even before analysing the cause, everyone should be psychologically reassured for complete recovery. Psychological counselling can help
Hormonal – Sometimes hormonal supplementation will be given when there is a disturbance in hormones. But beware that testosterone therapy can cause cancerous testis or prostate
Early ejaculation – Anti depressive drugs are often used for this type of complaints. This may create dependency or drowsiness or lack of concentration
Physical complaints like artery stenosis and venous leak may need surgical correction
For systemic illness like diabetes and hypertension – the blood glucose and blood pressure should be maintained in a perfectly normal level or otherwise there will be permanent damage in getting erection
For aged – Aged persons generally need more local stimulation or physical arousal since the brain gets atrophied during the ageing process. So getting the mood through psychological arousal gets weakened. But this is normal. No medications are required if they accept nature and life. The word “as before” is often used by these patients during consultation. One thing should be clearly understood: yesterday will not come today and today will not come tomorrow. We must satisfy ourselves with the present situation. They can surely perform sex pleasantly and pleasurably, but not vigorously as before.
Drugs for vim and vigour – These drugs mostly encourage men to use it for recreational use. They have side-effects like headache, flushing, allergic problems and diarrhoea. Even though the market is full of new arrivals, Viagra and Levitra lead the race. They reward sexual life for the time being, by flooding the penis to have a prolonged erection.
Injections – Papaverine is injected into carpora cavernosa to get firm erection for the time being. The common complication of using this injection is priapism.

Organ development
 – In extreme cases, surgical corrections can be done by inserting two silicon rods into corpus cavernosum to increase the size of the organ and better sex. But this procedure will cause persistent erection all the time. There are many companies and doctors who cheat people by lengthening the size of the penis by selling oils, jellies, tablets, tonics and even some instruments. Unless otherwise the person is in a growing age, it is not possible to increase the size. They have so much confidence that people will not come back or expose them about giving them false hopes or the failure in treatment. Regular erection in a good mood act as an exercise for developing the organ size.

Homeopathic approach

 As the main message of this article, don’t be depressed or fearful or feel hopeless. A hopeful heart always keeps you happy. Be optimistic. Be cheerful.
Further, there is no need for magic prescription when you keep yourself on the right track, i.e., providing the right treatment for your problem. To recapture your youthful vigour, don’t go in for booster drugs. They last only for a few minutes. You will need it again the next day and you will not be able to have sex without those tablets – it will create dependency. Homeopathy never acts as a booster. But it works to make a person normal or revive the active normal state. So Homeopathy drugs can’t be used just for recreational purpose or just to boost erection or get the right mood for the time being, like other drugs.
In Homeopathy, erectile dysfunction can be corrected without any dependency or side-effects. It will blend perfection, pleasure and happiness in your life. Homeopathy also cures the most 
distressing symptoms of the impotency like early ejaculation and flaccid penis. Happiness
usually continues after a single success.
Homeopathy treats the patient and not the disease. It gives importance to the feelings of the patient. It cares for each individual and every symptoms of the disease or patient. Individualization is the specialty of Homeopathy.
There are many wonderful drugs for sexual weakness or relaxation of the parts. The Homeopathic medicines commonly used in cases of impotency are Acid phos, Agnus castus, Arg nit, Caladium, Cantharis, Conium, Damiana, Gelsemium, Lycopodium, Moschus, Nuphar luteum, Onosmodium, Pulsatilla, Sabal serrulata, Selenium, Sepia, Staphysagria, Titanium, Yohimbinum, etc. These Medicines should be taken under the advice and diagnosis of a qualified Homeopath.

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